< Essential>

New Recording Album that's a back-to-basics approach to remind their important mission to share peace and harmony to the world.

<Andean Fusion>

Contemporary rhythms and mixing on their native sound. It is a unique style to creates a brand-new world.    

<Andean Colours>

This brand new sound makes people feel nostalgic and refreshes their spirit.

This charismatic and beautiful Ensemble produces Music full of life, spirit, and energy. 


Concert Tour CD/DVD

SISAY's important roles  is continuing the traditions of the Andean spiritual culture that is paying respect to other cultures and people for peace. This traditional SISAY world shows their Native Spirits

<Best of SISAY on DVD>

" BEST of SISAY on DVD"  is created by mixing tracks taken after 2007 concert's best scene and recordings.

It's including the "Tejiend Nubes" and

" Under the Moon" Original video clip !

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