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Sisay is a Native Ecuadorian ensemble that performs traditional and contemporary Andean music at its finest.

Sisay was first formed by the current members’ parents in 1983.

After being honored at many cultural and musical venues in their homeland the founders let the next generation take on the responsibility of sharing their musical heritage.


Subsequently, after touring Europe and the United States, the young Sisay landed in Asia in 1994. Their remarkable performance and musical concept, was so greatly welcomed that their music rapidly spread to every corner of Japan and Korea.

For their unique talent and commitment when sharing their music and culture, Sisay was appointed by the Ministry of Foreigner Affairs and the Ecuadorian Embassy in Japan as the “Culture and Music Ambassadors” of Ecuador in Japan.


After recording 7 albums and 8 live concerts their success was not only achieved abroad but also in their homeland. Being considered the best traditional, and best contemporary group in 2005 and 2006 was another important recognition of their music.


They have performed in 15+ countries, and countless cities throughout the world including Japan, China, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Korea, Ecuador, U.S.A, and Canada. All these accomplishments have guided the group beyond being just an ensemble, into a musical concept that is also paving the way to new young native talents. By joining artists of different musical genres, Sisay is also taking their music to new heights nevertheless always preserving their native musical and cultural legacy.


Currently Sisay continues sharing their outstanding performances at major events to the world and, now is considered one of the main representatives of Ecuadorian and Andean music in Asia.


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